Emoze is gunning for Blackberry Corporates

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Link: Mobile Marketing Magazine: Emoze Targets Corporates with Low-cost Push Email Solution

In a private briefing in London yesterday, Emoze CEO Benny Ballin told Mobile Marketing that the solution would be sold in batches of 50 licences at a cost of €1 (£0.67) per user per year. In comparison, said Ballin, the price to run a Blackberry is around £30 – £50 per month for each device. The huge difference, Ballin explained, comes from the fact that the Blackberry system relies on storing the message on Blackberry’s servers, something that is not required in the Emoze system.

I’ve always been a fan of the Emoze concept, particularly for people who want their email to just work on their mobile and don’t want to arse around with Blackberry or Exchange Server.

And there a ton of those people who don’t want the hassle. I liked the Emoze client when I had a look recently. You can get hold of a copy for your device at

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