GMTV Boss, Paul Corley, falls on sword re: phone-in screw up

GMTV boss quits over phone-in scandal – Times Online

The managing director of ITV’s breakfast broadcaster, GMTV, is to resign, it was announced today, as the station unveiled a package of measures aimed at restoring viewer confidence in its daily prize competitions.

Paul Corley will leave the station as soon as the new initiatives, which include offering refunds to entrants who were wrongly excluded, and a £250,000 charitable donation, have been implemented, GMTV said.

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2 replies on “GMTV Boss, Paul Corley, falls on sword re: phone-in screw up”

Doubtless this is what you are expected to do if you run a large organisation like GMTV but does anyone really think that Mr Corley knew what was going on -perhaps this is why he had to go?

I know nothing about TV stations but it seems to me that the issue was an operational one that went unchecked – repeatedly. It wasn’t some sinister fraud run at the highest level.

Perhaps most ridiculous is the give-away. Having failed to successfully run a mass-participation event once, GMTV are running another that’s giving away cash prizes of £10K. If it wasn’t so inequitable it would be laughable!

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