T-Mobile reach 500k Web’N’Walk UK subscribers

According to reports T-Mobile have notched up half a million subscribers to it’s Web’N’Walk service in the UK in the past 18 months, and predicts it’ll double that by the end of the year.

You can’t argue with the price – for £7.50 a month you get a flat-rate data tariff (not ‘unlimited’, which is obviously something completely different) and supposed fast access to the interweb wherever you are.

However something I do have a problem with is the quality of service of late. I’ve got Web’N’Walk on my E61, and have had to disable 3G radio and force it to use GSM as the 3G data service is totally unusable here in the wild depths of South London. It’s slow, keeps dropping out, and seems to spend most of it’s time on it’s arse.

Even locked down to GSM with GPRS, the service runs like treacle half the time. If T-Mobile are serious about doubling the amount of subscribers by the end of the year, they’d better buck up their ideas and improve the service. Otherwise they’ll find they’ve got a lot of disgruntled customers – who’ll become ex-customers if it doesn’t improve.

Are you a T-Mobile Web’N’Walk customer? Whereabouts are you based, and how do you find the service?

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I use Web ‘n’ Walk on a Nokia E61 primarily in SE18 and while the data service is brilliant I find the voice side of things terrible… when it works it’s fine but I get so many “connection error” messages (both when initiating and during a call) that it’s an absolute pain to use.

Head down SE19 way and data is up and down like a whores drawers, and the same problem with the connection error – although not as much lately. No data service in Bromley or Beckenham the other day too.

I’m sure there used to be an operator service or code you could use to find out which MSC you were using.. methinks it’s a problem over at Croydon, but that’s just a wild guess.

I’ve had Web’n’Walk Plus since May (on a Sony Ericsson w880i), and I’ve been very impressed with the service (although that goes without saying since I moved from O2 – yuck)

My last speed test recorded 374kbps up, 174Kbps down which is perfectly adequate for web browsing and even a bit of internet radio.

I get a 3G signal pretty much anywhere I’ve been with the phone so far (most of West/South Yorkshire), I even streamed a video on youtube with no problems, and that was whilst I was on the train to work.

The Push E-Mail works near-instantly, Opera Mini 4 beta on my phone does a great job of cramming sites onto my phones screen.

And ever since moving to T-Mobile, my monthly bill has been less than £40/month, less than the £65/month I was racking up with O2. They even ported my old number across within a week.

So yeah, you might say I’m impressed 🙂

Hi all,

Well i have been a happy Web N Walk customer for just over a year now and whilst very occasionally i have a had a problem in general i would say it is an excellent service at a fair price. Especially when compared to some of the other Networks offers even those newly launched by Voda don’t come close. I also had a conversation with T-Mobile data support earlier this week and was told we can expect to see 7.2mbps speeds by year end, that along with the new devices due next year leads me to believe Mobile data really has got to the point where it really offers the full Internet experience on our devices at last.


Hi I recently gave up Orange and went to T-mobile.
Even when i have got a full signal I sometimes get network busy
signal, dropped signal during conversations and calls going straight
through to answer phone even when i am in coverage.
I feel the network is like what Orange was 5 – 6 years ago.
Has anyone else had this problem?

If it was not for the fact I am on the Flext 35 tariff with the
promotion that offers free landline calls 24/7 and free mobile calls
7pm to midnight m-f and all day sat and sun and saving myself about
£210 per month I would have gone back to Orange.


Beckenham connection problems for weeks now. What the hell is going on. Used w’n’w for ages with no probs now its useless lately.

Glasgow also connection problems in evening for two weeks now. Ill get in touch with T-mobile shops. c If their staff cant give any kind of technical answer,

My web n walk is a few bytes a second from worthless. I was told that it is faster than dial up. That was s lie. My signal is constantly after you used it more than 10 minutes. I am thinking of going to dial up because it is constistent.

Derrick G – tell T-Mobile about it. I’ve had this issue raised with them for months, but because only a few people are complaining about it, they seem to think that it’s not a problem at all. On your T-Mobile phone, dial 150, then choose option 3, then 0 to be taken to a real person (yeah – I’ve phoned them WAY too much), and give them hell.

Got my N95 in April and the connection speed was around 460 kbps when connected to my pc as a usb modem (which was great). After 3 months they dropped it down to 155kbps for no reason. Well, I have just been on the phone to them to activate my phone to use abroad and out of curiosity asked them why there was a 66% drop in my connection speed?? They tried to blame me and said i had changed someting on my phone and also said to me that it was not possible for them to drop the speed (little did they realise that the month earlier they had already posted a warning to me, threatening to half my connection speed again as I had gone over my “Fair usage allowance). COME ON T-MOBILE!!!!! If your gonna get telephone operators to try and blag their way out and palm people off with lies at least think about what they should be telling the consumer when the call!!!!

I’ve got Web’n’Walk with the 3G modem that T-mobile brought out, the thing that looks like a bar of soap. Well I have a lot of troubles with the thing, it drops the connection like crazy always seeming to be switching between different bands of 3G thus making even surfing difficult at the most of times. I don’t recommend getting any sort of Web’n’Walk plan from T-mobile as I’ve had this problems for months and they don’t seem to have any plans to fix it.

I’ve only just got my web n walk usb modem, and was really impressed with the ease of set-up and use. The biggest problem is speed, it just crawls, the only thing I can compare it to is my very first 14k modem it really is that slow.


I’ve been having trouble for a few months/6 weeks+ now with my e61 using web n walk. Used to be fine, now its up and down a hell of a lot! USing someones advice above i just deactivated the dual connection mode in network settings and set it to GSM only (must admit i have no idea what this is/does) and connected first time to web n walk (first time in a while)…. although the connection speed was a bit pants

its to slow i cant broudcast myself or watch videos on the internet with it or anything

its to slow i cant broudcast myself or watch videos on the internet with it or anything

i live in south london and i think its rubbish. i also think there should be something we can do about our contracts because i have to pay 230 quid to cancel mine, but i dont want to cancel it just because i dont want it any more, im cancelling it because the service provided is very very poor.

i live in south london and i think its rubbish. i also think there should be something we can do about our contracts because i have to pay 230 quid to cancel mine, but i dont want to cancel it just because i dont want it any more, im cancelling it because the service provided is very very poor.

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