Voxpops launches (mobile) video research library

voxpops.comThis is pretty neat. I got a note in from to tell me that they’ve just recently launched a video research library facility on their site. The library features 750+ videos of consumer research on topics ranging from the environment to health and covering all demographics. The key area of interest to me of course is ‘mobile’.

They’ve got a whole section dedicated to mobile including topics like What mobile phone tariff are you on? What do you look for in a mobile provider? and What functions are important to you on your mobile.

You can listen to the audio for free and read the transcript (e.g. see this link for an example), but if you’d like the video you have to pay. Fair enough. £95 a pop. Brilliant if you’re trying to get a point across in a presentation and would like to show off a voxpop video highlighting or supporting your point.

I love this stuff. I do actually go about asking people about their mobile phones. It’s just fascinating to see what consumers thing of the technology and the medium. I’m going to see if I can get a demo mobile video from Voxpops to publish here.

By Ewan

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