You too can get free evening and weekend calls on T-Mobile Flext

t-mobile flextRight now if you sign-up to some of T-Mobile‘s Flext price plans, you’ll get free evening and weekend landline calls thrown in. That looks like a pretty good deal to me.

So good, that I phoned up T-Mobile this weekend to enquire as to whether I could ‘get’ that for my T-Mobile account. You see I (unwittingly) signed up to an 18-month contract when I got my (now phonejacked) Nokia N95. No one actually asked me if I wanted to extend my contract. It just happened. This is really, really, really bad. I only wanted a 12-month commitment.

But then, this sort of idiot thing happening is useful — it means I’m not reporting second, third or fourth hand. It’s nice to be screwed like the rest of the population as then I feel I can give a good, objective perspective when anyone asks.

Anyway, I’m on the biggest of T-Mobile’s Flext price plans which routinely affords me 400 quid’s worth of credit to blow each month. I usually get down to about 100 quid’s worth of credit left.

I’d like to have the free evening and weekend calls too. That’s not possible, because this wasn’t a valid offer when I got my N95. It’s for… brand new customers only.

On the phone, the polite chap from T-Mobile explained that shortly, I too would be able to benefit from this deal. July 6th. After July 6th, I can phone up and get my price-plan modified accordingly.


So if you’re on T-Mobile Flext and you don’t currently have free evening and weekend calls, make sure to call T-Mobile at the end of the week.

The best thing about Flext? I, unlike you, don’t have to pay 35-40p a minute to speak to someone on another network.

I’m confidently asserting that you — that is you, dear reader, are being nailed to the wall by your operator whenever you call someone on a different network. The chances are that your price plan is just silly. By default, for example, Vodafone generally knocks you for 35p a minute to call any other network. It really is just ridiculous to pay that amount of money. Obviously you don’t start paying until you’ve fragged your existing minutes. But still. Stupid. So I really do like Flext.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

4 replies on “You too can get free evening and weekend calls on T-Mobile Flext”

Hi Ewan, If you always have about £100 of Flext credit left each month, why do you need free evening and weekend calls, you’ve already got them haven’t you?

SO ewan did u get the free evening and weekends? Im on the flext 35 tariff, im available to upgrade in december, but i really want the free evening and weekends offer. do you think ill be able to get it aswell?

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