10% growth in mobile social networking

Social networking on mobiles has seen an increase recently, with market leaders MySpace and Facebook taking the top two places.

According to the latest m:metrics mobile phone usage survey, around 12.3m users in the US and Europe accessed a social networking site from their mobile in the three months ending June 2007. That equates to around 10% growth across both regions.

MySpace is way ahead in terms of mobile users, with 3.7m in the US and 440,000 in the UK. In comparison, Facebook has 2m mobile users in the US and around 307,000 in the UK.  

The U.S leads the way with 3.5 percent of all mobile subscribers using their phones for social networking, followed by Italy with 2.8 percent. The U.K. trailed with 2.5 percent and Spain had 2.3 percent.

More interesting statistics in the m:metrics press release.

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