Acision boost Pak Telecom’s SMSC capacity by 700%

Got this in from Acision today. Remember Acision — they were formed after the purchase of LogicaCMG’s Telecoms Products business and formally launched in June this year. Well they’ve just upgraded capacity by 700%. So if you’re in Pakistan, you can now get texting like no tomorrow!

Acision today announces that following a competitive tender, leading Pakistani operator Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) has upgraded its Acision high performance Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) to support rapid uptake of SMS for its mobile service brand, Ufone. PTML is expanding Ufone’s messaging capacity by 700% to handle very high volumes of messaging traffic and provide subscribers with a consistently high-quality messaging experience.

The mobile market in Pakistan has been experiencing strong and sustained development, reaching above 60 million subscribers across the country, while still only at a 40% penetration level. In Pakistan’s unsaturated market which is experiencing falling handset costs, there are a high number of new subscribers to compete for, with most operators adding an average of half a million subscribers per month. However as penetration levels rise, mobile operators will have to differentiate on superior service levels if they are to avoid simply competing on price.

By Ewan

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