Ross Elmsly of Sybase365 gets this week’s flowers!


Hello! It’s Krystal here with apologies for the Flower Fairy being delayed this week, apparently if you’re not sending actual flowers you can’t get same or next day delivery, and the bank holiday put me a day behind to begin with.

On that note…

Today’s flowers (actually, we chose chocolates this week) are on their way to this week’s good guy, Ross Elmsly of Sybase365. He was nominated with these kind words by John Maynard over at Vodafone:

Do you know Ross Elmsly from mobile365? Vodafone run Aggregator forums every quarter, giving our customers a chance to get face to face with the product mangers looking after the wholesale stuff, and to chat to each other. They are always well attended and people enjoy them.

At the latest one, there was a draw for a chance to be scared whitless in a fast car by Lewis Hamilton – Ross won the draw.

Thanks John!

Enjoy your flowers chocolates Ross!

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