Get your app on the mobile roadshow for UK women

Sonus PR have a big opportunity for you if you’ve got a mobile application that appeals to UK females.

A while ago I was lamenting what a total arse it is for mobile application developers who make a piece-of-genius service and who can’t easily get it out to consumers. The prospect of hiring a PR firm and paying them megabucks for months to establish you, before you see any results, is not good. Especially if you’re on a limited budget.

I lamented this rather strongly to Patrick Smith of Sonus PR who looked at me funny. That’s because they’ve been planning on doing something about this issue for some time.

They’ve created a mobile roadshow for mobile applications and service providers. They’re looking for about 10 or so companies that they can take round all the UK women’s magazines.

The concept is this: Package your offering nicely, together with the other 9 or so related offerings — and present it in easily consumable form to the magazine editors (who, by the way, are very receptive to this concept). Now they’ve got content for a nice two/three page spread on ‘your guide to your mobile life’ or similar.

Now, if you fancy being one of the companies included, have a read of this post from last week (Patrick from Sonus gives loads more details). Then drop Patrick a mail quickly (patrick.smith at The slots are filling up!

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Thanks for the post. Things are going well with this, we’ve got lots of journalist interest and we’ve got some really cool apps to demo.

There are still potentially one or two slots left for the right app. So if anyone is interested, please get in touch. Patrick.smith at


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