Get your mobile application/service in front of UK females

One of the biggest arses for companies operating in the mobile sector is actually getting normobs — normal mobile users — to read and hear about the vast array of super applications and services available to them.

You can of course spunk huge chunks of money on an above-the-line advertising campaign to reach out to your target audiences. That’s one way. The other, potentially much more valuable method is PR. It’s all about getting in front of people via trusted media sources. But that’s typically a dream if you’re a mobile start-up. The amount of companies I come across who just need a push… a small push into the consumer marketplace… and they’ll go ballastic… ahh. It is frustrating to behold. Which is why I’m pretty excited to present this opportunity.

The folks at Sonus PR have come up with a wicked idea to get your applications showcased. Over to Patrick from Sonus with more gossip:

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Patrick writes:

If you’re targeting a female audience with a funky mobile application, we may be able to help. We’ve hit upon a great idea to take the mobile industry out to the mass market: a showcase of the very best mobile applications on the market for the leading consumer magazines, to show them what they’ve been missing! We will be targeting the likes of Woman’s Own or Bella. We are also going to offer this to companies that may not have the budget for a full blown campaign, but that would be interested in looking at a one-off project that will get them the results that they need?

We are going to bring together ten mobile applications, aimed at the female 35 – 60 age group, to create a showcase for a tour of National Magazine Company, IPC and Bauer publishing houses (they account for c. 90% of the women’s magazines published in the UK). Any app involved in this unique showcase is likely to get in front of around 30 of the UK’s most widely read women’s magazines.

We would like to invite companies that think they have a cool product to publicise to contact us and bid for inclusion in the tour. Because you will be part of a showcase of a number of applications, and this is a one off project, there are none of the huge cost implications of carrying out a tour of this kind on your own. Participation in this project would cost £2,500 where an equivalent project carried out alone would incur costs of around £15,000.

So, if you are looking to get in front of some of the most important women’s magazines in the UK, alongside some of the best new mobile applications, but don’t want to pay through the nose for a costly PR campaign; we invite you to contact us

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Thanks Patrick. If this floats your boat — or even if you’ve already got PR representation, I think it could be worth getting involved. The kind of consumer awareness that Sonus are looking to generate with this tour could be instrumental for many companies in all kinds of ways. Investors, for example, like nothing more than reading about potential deals in popular media. If you’re possibly up for it, drop a note over to Patrick — his email is patrick.smith at or talk to his colleague Caronline on caroline.tarbett at

I reckon we’ll do a feature on each of the 10 companies too.

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