I need a report written – can you help?

I need someone to write me a report — a comprehensive, in-depth one — about the mobile industry and how it developed in the United Kingdom. I need it as a ‘primer’ for someone who doesn’t know anything about the industry — but wants to have a good understanding of how the whole thing started and grew.

Here’s what I’m looking for in a bit more detail:

Describe the development of the mobile cellular industry in the United Kingdom, starting from it’s inception in the early 1980s through to the 3G license auctions and beyond to the present day.

Include key dates and milestones (for example the launch of new cellular operators, major acquisitions, brand changes and so on), together with supporting statistics and anecdotes demonstrating the development of the industry (e.g. Big Brother and X-Factor/Pop Idol really helped solidify the demand for text services).

In terms of size, think 40-50 pages with a few nice diagrams too.

If you’re up for doing it, please shoot me an indicative cost and send me a link (or samples) of your previous work. If you’ve got any recommendations for someone I should speak to, please let me know.

As ever, I’m

By Ewan

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