Meeting Adam Davis, Head of Handsets, 3UK

I’m meeting Adam Davis tomorrow from 3UK. He is Head of Handsets & Product Marketing… or something like that, I’m not entirely sure. I’ll find out when I get his business card.

Have you got any questions that you’d like me to put to him about 3UK’s handset strategy?

I’m DEFINITELY going to ask him about the Nokia N95 trauma — although, that has more or less been explained by the fact they found it bug-ridden and waited to work out the issues before dropping them into customer laps.

Leave your questions below and I shall put’em to Adam then stick his answers up here. I might even do some video, depending on how he reacts.

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Few from me:

Can he spill any beans about the N81 music phone and whatever Nokia are launching on 29th Aug?

Any plans to offer any Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices?

Why the discrepancy in launch dates between the various 3 networks internationally for handsets (including the N95)?

What’s the score with the SE W950i it was promised on x-series from the outset?

Why do they forbid use of non-3 handsets in the T&Cs? With the more technical and demanding crowd they’re attracting with x-series ho about allowing them, but unsupported (or similar).

For Nokia handsets why isn’t it possible to firmware upgrade 3-branded phones?

Sounds exciting!

1.) Do you have any plans for Windows Mobile devices with 3UK?

2.) With regards to strategy – are you looking to increase the variety (and number) of devices available or are you focusing on keeping quite specialist 3 equipment (fewer available handsets?

Why is each 3 country is so diffferent in terms of handsets (variety and availability)?
For example:
3 Sweden – 16 handsets and had N95 on X-series for a while
3 Australia – 25 handsets
3 UK – 10 handsets, N95 only just out and not shown on UK X-series pages.

I have a 3 Sweden handset and a 3 UK one, both with x-series, and the services and software (eg messenger) are different for both countries. Each market seems very local in many ways.


I got the Nokia 6120 classic on 3 last month but when will HSDPA coverage be available nation-wide?

will the x-series work on my sony ericsson p1i? cos my vodafone contract is nearly finished and i only “do” sony ericsson.

Wicked, I’ll take a note of all of these and have answers tomorrow… If you’ve any more questions for Adam, keep them coming!

Ok, I actually met Fergal Walker, Director of Handsets — and I put all your questions to him, with a few of my own. Standby for the write-up.

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