Mippin is a-comin’..

Link: the mippin blog

Don’t you just hate those blog posts, where we wax lyrically about something but are so sworn to secrecy that we’d have to commit some sort of mass murder before we tell you any useful information? If you do, look away now.

Something really cool is coming soon. It’s called Mippin, and having had the chance to play with it for an hour or so I know you’ll like it. What is it? According to the blog:

Mippin is something we are building because it is just too hard to find really great mobile web sites. It’s too hard to build one, there aren’t that many and the ones that are out there are hard to find, hard to use and sometimes hard on the eyes.A really good mobile web site should be up to date, easy to read, easy to navigate and should also look fantastic on any phone with a modern mobile web browser (we define ‘modern’ as WAP 2.0 for the techies among you).

Interested in getting on the beta? Hot-foot it over to and get yourself on the list. Once you’ve done that, take a look at the mippin blog to find out more – although they’re keeping their cards close to their chest right now. The suspense is killing me.. 🙂

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