Nokia genius, Ralph Eric Kunz, joins TynTec

ralph eric kunz
Link: webitpr | Nokia Executive rejoins TynTec for growth drive

Mobile messaging services provider TynTec today announces that Ralph Eric Kunz, an original cofounder of the business, has resigned his senior role at Nokia to focus on his entrepreneurial role with the company.

Previously Nokia’s head of mapping, navigation and search, Kunz will be focusing on his existing role as Chairman of TynTec to identify additional strategic growth options and to accelerate TynTec’s business growth.  In particular, he will be driving forward product innovations developing on TynTec’s core SS7 connected infrastructure. TynTec is a cash rich company that is looking at both organic and non-organic growth scenarios.

Welcome aboard and every success Ralph! You can check out TynTec at

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One reply on “Nokia genius, Ralph Eric Kunz, joins TynTec”

I saw that press release, and, well, hmm. He co-founded the company, was the chairman, is still the chairman, and now he’s back to be the, er, chairman.

Confused? I was 🙂

Anyway, congrats – they’re a good bunch of guys..

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