Phonevite lets you send voicemails to loads of people simultaneously

Picture 96 Phonevite is the new, fun and simple way to send announcements and invitations over the phone.

I haven’t been able to try it out on account of not having a US or Canadian number under my control and, for the time being, it looks to be only for North America.

However I have a lot of time for these concepts. You record your message and then Phonevite does the sending for you. I do like the broadcast perspective. There are times in life when you just want to get the message out, right-away, to everyone.

Think, for example, the news of a birth or your wife going into labour. You want to make one recording and whack it out to a predetermined list of people. Or if you want to get a message to each of your work-at-home employees right-away.

Or, as the service name suggests, it’s rather useful if you want to invite a load of people to a party — why send a boring email when you can send an audio message, eh? 😉

Anyway check it out at

(Thanks to Fox Mulder for the tip)

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