Rumours rumours.. Monstermob gone bust?

Just heard a rumour on the Bango forums (via the Mobile Monday London mailing list) that Monstermob have gone bust. If you’ve got any inside information (anonymous sources will be respected and kept so), drop me an email to alex (at) sms text news (dot) com

Monstermob goes bust. Only months after acquisition of Monstermob by LaNetro Zed, the UK arm of the company has gone into administration.
Rumours abound that LaNetro has asset stripped the UK company and left it with many debts, potentially to content providers and consumers who either supplied or pre-paid for content and that such creditors will claim that LaNetro fraudulently manipulated Monstermob – as shadow directors (from Spain) to enable them to put Monstermob’s woes in one place and cut loose.

Gazettes Online Link

Publication Date: Thursday, 16 August 2007
Notice Code: 2410 Appointment of Administrators

In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)
Birmingham District Registry No 4947 of 2007
(Company Number 03916609)
Nature of Business: Provision of Mobile Phone Entertainment Services.
In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)
Birmingham District Registry No 4948 of 2007
Joint Administrators’ Names and Address: Mark Elijah Thomas Bowen and Nigel Price (IP Nos 8711 and 8778), both of Moore Stephens LLP, Beaufort House, 94-96 Newhall Street, Birmingham B3 1PB.


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