Symbian blog editing application required

Hi there I’m hunting for someone to create me a blog editing application that will work on the Nokia E61i.

I need to be able to edit/add blogs on the go easily. Right now I arse about with the WordPress web interface on the Nokia’s browser and it’s rather annoying.

I need to: –

1.) Add new blog posts (title, body, category)
2.) Edit and update existing blog posts (editing title, body, category)
3.) Be able to define the XMLRPL file location (it might not always be located at

I’m totally prepared to pay. If you’re interested or know someone who is, shoot me an email and tell me what cost you reckon you’d be able to do it for?

By Ewan

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May want to check BlogPlanet or moJave in the mean time they are written in Java. I’m not sure of their current status though. A native Blog by XML-RPC client would be nice.

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