TextQuick makes texting your friends really quick!

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Chris Woods runs Mind Flip, a mobile developer. Mind-Flip, as Chris puts it, ‘is all about looking at how we use our mobile phones, and seeing if there is a better way to do things.’

One of their first genius applications is called

TextQuick presents you with an list of the people in your address book organised by how often you talk/text to them.

It really makes the TOTAL ARSE of sending a text message much, much easier.

It is quite annoying for an impatient geek like me to have to type out five or six characters of a name when I KNOW who that person is. I don’t want to browse or arse around looking at lists. I KNOW I want to send a text to Alex, so make it really, really easy for me.

With TextQuick, you just click on a person’s name and you’re immediately transported to the type-your-message screen in your Inbox.

Nice, simple, solves a problem for me. Wicked.

Chris is also working on something called LowKate. No news about it though.

(Thanks Mike)

By Ewan

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2 replies on “TextQuick makes texting your friends really quick!”

just use a sony ericsson phone instead.

sony ericsson rules.

the ui on SE is just the best, just cos people used to play snake on nokia’s and got used to nokia ui, thats why nokia is popular. but it don’t make it the best.

Sony Eircsson’s only give you the most recent texted – not the most frequently – so actually, not all that great!
I have a P600 and an E50 and I have been using my E50 more often then my Sony purely because of textquick!
In short…. textquick rocks, good job mindflip – i will be buying this app!

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