The Bourne Ultimatum’s baddies have Nokia N93i handsets

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I went to see the third Jason Bourne film, The Bourne Ultimatum. I really enjoyed the first two movies and the third didn’t disappoint.

I made a mental note as I walked toward the cinema to examine just what handsets they featured. Sony Ericsson, for example, went all out with the last Bond outing, ensuring that all key protagonists, including Bond himself, were sporting custom coloured Sonys.

Motorola were already big into Bourne — I saw this a few months back with the special Bourne RIZR handset on sale at Vodafone. Here’s a picture:


And here’s the link on Vodafone site.

Most of the baddies were on Motorola — the expendable ones were on your bog standard shitty RAZRs whilst the key players all hand some sort of fancier Motorola. The chief baddie from the CIA was the only one with the RIZR. You’d think there’d have been lots of shots of Bourne dialing Motorola keypads and whatnot but I don’t recall any.

The most interesting element, from a mobile geek perspective, was the use of Nokia N93i handsets — also by the bad guys. Within 10 minutes of the film starting, the N93i was all over the place — the mobile handset du jour if you want to send live video back directly to Langley whilst you’re trying to apprehend a slippery Bourne.

In one scene, a baddie actually charged into a darkened room holding a gun-and-Nokia N93i combo. You know how some cops hold their gun in one hand and lock it with another hand holding a torch? Well that’s what this guy was doing with his N93i. He had it flipped open ‘recording’ (the red light was on) and was pointing it around the place with his gun. Ostensibly this was to help the CIA see what was going on — a bit of real time feedback. Although you don’t have much of a chance against Bourne when most of your view is obscured by the Nokia N93’s viewfinder and it’s tell-tale red light flashing about.

As I left the auditorium I was collared by a chap from the Observer newspaper who asked me to give a quote about the movie. Goodness knows what I mumbled. Something about it being miles better than Bond. I was trying not to burst in to a frenzy of ‘And this guy was using an N93, right…’

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The N93 was featured in the video game Tony Hawk’s Project 8. The phone is used when you accomplish objectives to watch video messages that pro skaters send you. There is also a billboard in the game with the phone on it.

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