The Flower Fairy Flys Again!


After thinking I was grounded, I have managed to get this week’s flowers off after all!

Today’s flowers are on their way to Helen Keegan, a.k.a TechnoKitten of BeepMarketing, Swedish Beers, you name it she’s done it! fame. Helen was thoughtfully nominated with these kind words

“Friendly, reliable and all round good lass Helen has been an absolute gem to me and those around me since I met her.

Either through blog activities, networking events, standing up for the female voice in the industry, putting people in their place, helping out with advice for anyone in the industry who asks for it (and sometimes to those who don’t!) Helen is known throughout the industry for her consistency, knowledge-base and well-formed opinions.
Always on hand to assist and never afraid to speak her mind – ‘Technokitten’ is someone who would be sorely missed if she ever decided to pursue a different carreer path!”

We hope you like your flowers Helen and keep up the great work!

P.S. BIG thanks to my secret helper this week! You’ve earned your wings 😉

P.P.S. We’re always looking for nominations for people to send flowers too, if you know someone in the mobile industry who you think is deserving drop us a line with the reason for your nomination, and if you happen to have an address for the person, or at least what office they work out of, please please add that on 🙂

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