Is it time to subscribe to a printer service from HP?

Ever since my dad brought home an...

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How did you buy your latest phone?...

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So, early last week I predicted that...

Unlimited Drinks is tonight!

Number 3 Bar Table area

Number 3 Bar Table area
Originally uploaded by smstextnews.

Ok, here it is. I’m quite excited. There’s a lot of people I’ve got to meet. I have yet to meet most of the people on the guest list.

I plan to stand by the door for a portion of the evening, welcoming everybody.

Critical Info
The date: August 23rd (That’s today)
The venue: Number3 Bar, New Burlington Street, just off Regent Street, London (Google Map)
The time: 6pm onwards
Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus or Picaddilly

I’ve got to go and get some labels and arse about printing them out. I might, actually, in the end, ask everyone to write their own badge.

I always feel sorry for people when they come along to an event and they’re not on the list, or they’re missed off it, or whatever — so they have to hand write their label, whilst everyone else swans around with fancy printed ones.

So maybe it’s a bit more democratic doing your own label.

Anyway, the action kicks off from 6pm, but you don’t need to be there at 6pm. I chose that time because most people are coming from work and will be a) up for a drink and b) up for some food (the first load of food is scheduled or 7pm disbursement).

Pop along at whatever time works.

I’m not entirely sure if there’s a big beefy guy on the door or not. If there is, be sure to use the secret pass phrase: ‘o2 DATA RATES SUCK’. That’ll get you in.

Or failing that, just say you’re here for SMS Text News drinks.

You’ll know you’re in the right place because of the giant banner thing I’ve got printed which, cleverly, says ‘UNLIMITED DRINKS’ and then in brackets underneath, says ‘Fair Use Policy’. Which I think is important. 😉

Be sure to give me your card on the evening. Or a bit of paper with your name on it. I would like to do a follow-up blog post tomorrow with a one-liner on everyone I met together with a link to their site (if appropriate). In order for me to achieve this, I need to collect your card and make a note about you. So no heirs and graces, please approach me and thrust your card upon me.

If you see Helen Keegan of Beep Marketing, be sure to congratulate her on being the SMS Text News flowers recipient this week.

The other chap I’d like you to look out for is Patrick Smith of Sonus PR. Sonus are the sponsors of the Unlimited Drinks evening and I thoroughly, thoroughly appreciate their support. Please do make a note to locate a Sonus PR person across the evening and thank them for their support. If you’re thinking of doing some telecoms related PR, please do talk to them or mail me for an intro.

We’ve got what appears to be a capacity crowd on the guest list — however I expect some drop out — and it won’t be capacity all night — so if you’d still like to come along and you haven’t already emailed me, knock me a mail to with the subject ‘UNLIMITED DRINKS = YES’ — and we’ll get you in.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone tonight… see you there!


  1. Ewan, Alex,

    I am under strict instructions from Krystal to take some photos of you two …so make sure you are wearing clean pants and practice smiling!

  2. Hi Ewan, I know what you mean about the labels. A quandry that we had at ‘kickit’! Then finding the right one for the right person is a nightmare. Have a good evening, hope the webit crew do us proud!


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