You love us! You really love us!

We’re putting together a promotional piece for SMS Text News and could use your help.

We’re looking for what you think about us and how SMS Text News is beneficial for you. You know, your typical quote or testimonial type thing.

If you’d like to lend us a few of your words, drop me a line and we may just get your name in lights.

4 replies on “You love us! You really love us!”

SMS Text News is a daily stop for me. I find industry news here first, delivered in an informative and entertaining manner. Ewan and the team do a great job covering all aspects of the mobile industry, including the strange and obscure.

Keep up the great work!

Co-Founder, The Mosio Project

Its the best blogg of its type on the net for me and I look at the site a few times a day. I really like the globally varied content and it gives you a good idea on whats going on in the industry from a number of perspectives.

Well done to Ewan and the team.

Mark Tynan

Well done Ewan and the team at SMS Text news. You’ve created a near-live, bullshit-free, faced-paced, punchy mobile blog on all that’s interesting and relevent in the mobile space. It’s a daily read for us here at ROK.

Thank you very much for the daily updates on a variety of sector news. Eventhough I live in the fabulous city of Istanbul in which we still do not have certain technology bases established, I highly appreciate what you and your team gathers.
I love the way you humour, diss, and most importantly way you inform in your articles.

Keep it up!!

Kristal Karakus
Project Developer
Mobile Communications Dep.

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