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Well there you go. Now that I’m now twitching with my typical “ooh it’s pretty I want one” that seems to come over me with all Apple products, *Looks lovingly at her iMac, MacBook and first generation iPod Mini in pink, of course.* Apple has unveiled the new iPod touch, and the ability to buy customizable ringtones from iTunes for 99 cents.

SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0) — Apple announced Wednesday the first major overhaul of its popular iPod music digital players in nearly two years.

On top of iPods with more storage and bigger screens, Apple rolled out the iPod Touch, a slim, WiFi-enabled device that’s similar to its new touchscreen mobile phone, the iPhone.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaking Wednesday in San Francisco, where he announced a major revamp of its iPod music players.

The company also announced a new version of its iTunes music store that will allow users to buy songs wirelessly. iTunes will also sell customizable 99-cent ringtones for the iPhone

It’s pretty, I want one 🙂

UPDATE: Apparently they’ve dropped the price of the iPhone by $200 too. Ewan will you buy me one now? Pleaaaaase? 😀

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Slash $200 off the price of an iphone a couple of months after launching it? Nice way to screw your customers. Launch a nano with video? Useful if you like squinting at a microscopic screen. Biggest mistake of all? The ipod touch. Maximum 16gb storage. 16gigs is nothing. Nowhere near enough. And that starbucks tie-in? Really: who cares? Where’s the UK content? Where’s the BBC stuff? Waste of time. Move on.

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