Google Phone gossip flying

I’ve got four different anonymous Google Phone stories that have been sent in to me over the past few days. None of which appear to have much in the way of credibility.

One anonymous tip reckons that Google are going to do an iPhone on us — that is, release something that really shakes up the industry. Another tip reckons completely the opposite — that the device will be a pile of rubbish and a very public screw up. Whilst, another tip tells me that it’s official that the Google Phone will be given away free of charge to all Google Mail users.

Speculation. Rampant. Inaccurate. Maybe. Who knows?

Well, Om has a few facts on this link together with some relevant links. Meantime, I shall wait with a degree of baited breath, to see what the big G sends to market.

Link: Five Facts About Google Phone « GigaOM

Is Google (GOOG) Phone fact or fiction? Engadget says Google’s entry into mobile phone business is for real, and the company is going to announce it soon. Scott Kirsner talked to a bunch of folks over who are intimately familiar with the effort and outlined his findings in an article for The Boston Globe.

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