Mediaburst powering travel competition for Co-operative Travel

Got this in from Hugh at Mediaburst. They’re definitely are knocking back the client wins — this time they’re helping Co-operative Travel deliver a mobile marketing campaign across point-of-sale media at Co-operative Food retail stores.

The point-of-sale is actually at the check-out. So if you’re standing waiting in a queue and you’ve got everything out of your trolley and you’re waiting for the really SLOW person in front of you to pack their special carry-to-car bags, why not whip out your phone and text ‘summer’ to the shortcode on display? I like it.

I reckon that’ll be successful.

A few more details:

All that shoppers need do is text the word “Summer” to a short code that appears on the in-store screen (link to  promotional image) and they’ll receive the auto response “Save an Extra £50 per booking off last minute summer holidays. For more information call 0870 574 9272, or text “Call Me” to 87103 for a Co-operative Travel booking agent to call them.”

Mobile marketing is another touchpoint for The Co-operative Travel to engage with its customers. Going forward, the company believes mobile marketing will become one of the preferred marketing channels for travel companies in the near term.

The Co-operative Travel is the UK’s largest independent travel provider, with over 400 branches on the high street, state-of-the-art customer call centres and an award-winning website. The Co-operative Travel is not owned by a parent Tour Operator and is therefore able to offer its customers a much wider range of holidays.

I always really like to hear about new client wins and new mobile agency projects such as this. Everyone is far too quiet. I’m delighted to get updates from Mediaburst and Incentivated — however too few agencies are talking about what they’re doing. I think it’s essential for everyone in the industry to be aware of what’s going on, even if it is news about your competitor’s success — because you might find yourself sat in front of a deeply mobile-unfriendly marketing director of a travel company who, if you highlight Mediaburst’s Co-operative Travel story, could all of a sudden become very friendly.

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