The iPhone news we already knew

(and some we didn’t)

So the Apple announcement has been and gone – and we now know exactly what the plans are for launching the iPhone in the UK.

Surprisingly enough, pretty much everything that was said we’ve already covered – most recently in the predictions by ‘Mystic’ Ben Smith yesterday. Just in case you didn’t read yesterdays article, here’s what we already told you that’s been confirmed this morning:

  • The iPhone 8Gb version will retail in the UK for £269
  • O2 have got the network gig for the UK
  • It’ll be available from Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores

We predicted a mid-October launch date – the official one is 9th November. One thing that no-one guessed would be it comes with free Wi-fi access, courtesy of hotspot provider The Cloud.

So there you go. Normal service will now resume.. 🙂

10 replies on “The iPhone news we already knew”

The interesting thing will be some real world comparisons of GPRS v EDGE because as much as people point out they can get it cheaper in the US, if you need EDGE to make it bearable you’re stuck with an O2 tariff anyway.

Was just on to O2 customer select (their premium customer line) and the very nice girl didn’t know when the iphone would be available or what price it would be….

I have an upgrade coming up in November so I asked if I could be put on a waiting list of some sort for one…
Sorry Sir, we don’t have a list but we could maybe text you when they come in… Em, I think there will be a big demand for these phones, I said, so is there anyway I could put my order in now?

No sir, you can’t.

Why not?

Because we have no facility to do that.

Eh, ok, but surely looking at how many were sold in the US it might me a good thing to do?

I’ll pass on your comments…

Right, ah well, I tried

O2 is rolling out EDGE so there should be no difference with the AT&T experience….All you can eat data is the big thing for o2 .

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