ITV in ‘stating the bleeding obvious’ shocker

Link: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | ITV ‘misled viewers on phone-ins’

So TV broadcaster ITV have just finished an internal A review into their use of premium SMS and phone services.. and guess what? They’ve figured that they screwed up, and overcharged a stack of people. Ok so they didn’t exactly say those words – preferring to announce the discovery of a “serious cultural failure” within the company.

According to executive chairman Michael Grade, the company made £7.8m from uncounted votes. Whether that’s just their cut of the revenue or the amount ripped out of viewers isn’t clear – however he did say they’d reimburse anyone who was ‘misled’.

Mr. Grade also said “I’ve never been involved in anything as grisly as this or anything that’s damaged broadcasting as much as this”.

Perhaps he hasn’t watched the output of his own channel lately?

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