Unlimited Drinks LA: Nokia N95, N800, N93i, N91 8GB… maybe an N76…


We’ve been talking to the super people at WOM World who have graciously agreed to send us over some devices for the SMS Text News Unlimited Drinks event next week. A huge tip of the hat to them for that. It’s going to be excellent for everyone who attends to have the chance to play with them. I predict the N95 will be a huge star. The video on that… it still blows me away, it really does.

So, we should have, courtesy of WOM World:

– N95
– N800 (looking forward to actually seeing one actually, my Nokia tablet is sat on the desk here)
– N93i (I’m pretty sure these are the ones featured in the Bourne Ultimatum)
– N91 8GB

and maybe an N76…


To that list I will add my:

– Nokia E65
– Nokia E61i
– Nokia N95 second edition (i.e. the one I bought after being phonejacked)
– Nokia N90 (for retro purposes)

And yes I’m a bit of a Nokia junkie.

(All the gossip on Unlimited Drinks here)

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2 replies on “Unlimited Drinks LA: Nokia N95, N800, N93i, N91 8GB… maybe an N76…”

The Bourne Ultimatum is full of Motorola product placements for the SLVR and the RAZR 2. Motorola are even giving away a copy of The Bourne Identity on storage cards with the z8. As the N93i is a Nokia, I doubt it’s even made it into the Bourne films, never mind being featured!

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