Head to head video: T9 vs iPhone keyboard

Four of the biggest, most connected, most geEEEEEEEEeky people got together after the Future of Mobile event yesterday and decided to do a head to head comparison, based on their own skills, between T9 input and the iPhone’s touchscreen analogue keyboard.

Who won?

By Ewan

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9 replies on “Head to head video: T9 vs iPhone keyboard”

it’s not exactly a scientific experiment…

take 4 uber-geeks, 8 beers, 12 mojitos, a coke and 4 mobiles, then see which one can text fastest when none of them are sober enough to see the screens.

funny tho 😉

I’d like to point out that there was a rematch off-screen, where the novice iPhone user (me) pretty much tied with James ‘thumbs’ Whatley. Viva le iPhone keyboard and predictive typing!

them’s fightin’ T9 words! OS showdown at the Geek Bar. Your 10 years of T9 practice against my pathetic Apple-fondling mitts any day buddy 😉 …you bring the beer, I’ll happily loose anytime, anywhere.

Like GeekYouUp said it TOTALLY wasn’t scientific and we’d been drinking lots of mojitos beforehand… notice how I skillfully avoided being in the competition by volunteering to video it 😉

I understand a sober rematch is being arranged 🙂

You let me down Nokia.

I used to carry the N95 everywhere, but your shoddy overly-sensitive plastic buttons have ridiculed me in the mobile world, and made a mockery of my typing skillz.

I’m gonna get me one of those Future Of Mobile phones I saw… what was it.. the t39m? Yes, that was it.. from the future! I think I have one in my “phones from the future” bucket.

James has agreed to a re-match of sorts, this time T9 vs QWERTY so stay tuned.

Maybe Dan should donate his Daas keyboard for the challenge 😉

I’m thinking we start the cocktails early, and then Whatley can pick up the tab at the end 🙂

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