Nokia or a fruitcake?

With the holiday season fast approaching, (and I mean really fast, Santa is arriving at the malls 2 days from now) I went out to do some shopping last weekend. Apparently everyone else had the same idea, as the malls were packed with people sporting the panic stricken “OH MY GOD ITS NOVEMBER AND I HAVEN’T DONE ANY SHOPPING” looks on their faces.

After fighting my way through the crowds for a bit, I stopped to have a drink and was busy people watching when I noticed a Nokia poster hanging from the mall ceiling. Nothing new here, those posters often advertise mobile phones, especially around this time of the year, but this one caught my eye. (Once again apologies for lack of pictures, it really does bother me that my E62 doesn’t have a camera) It said (something along these lines, don’t remember word for word)

“Fruitcakes get regifted, a Nokia won’t”

Ok so I thought that was funny enough on it’s own. It had a picture of a fruitcake underneath and then some of the Nokia phones, and “For more reasons why a Nokia is better than a fruitcake, visit and I’m a sucker for witty advertising.

I noted down the address and when I got home looked it up. Ok maybe it’s just me, but I find it hilarious.

The site asks such probing questions such as:

Do you carry fruitcake in your pocket…hopelessly wishing for it to ring?

Are you worried that your fruitcake phone is slowly going out of style?

And when you enter the site it says “watch for our Fruitcake vs. the phones videos coming mid-November”

I can’t wait 😀

2 replies on “Nokia or a fruitcake?”

What about the “oh my God it is 11pm on Christmas Eve and I haven’t done any shopping” look. That is my own particular favourite and involves quite a different facial expression. Why would anyone panic in November? Are you serious about that??????

Yup, it’s like that here. All of a sudden it twigs in people’s minds that it’s November and they rush for the malls.

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