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Verizon Wireless Opts for LTE


Verizon Wireless recently announced that they will be using LTE for their 4G network. Trials will begin in 2008, with joint-owner Vodaphone also moving to the same technology in Europe. LTE is the upgrade path for WCDMA/GSM networks, which is slightly odd due to the fact that Verizon currently operates the largest CDMA/EV-DO network in the United States.

LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution, will better position Verizon and Vodaphone for global roaming agreements and the ability to compete in the global marketplace. Constructed to deliver lower latency, higher bandwidth, and more efficient use of the network, LTE is a logical step for both companies. Also interesting is that discussions with device manufacturers have not only included handset suppliers such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and LG, but also consumer electronics companies. These companies are quickly seeing that their electronics could benefit from being wirelessly connected to the internet.

This is a huge step for Verizon Wireless, who currently operates a CDMA network, which is incompatible with Vodaphone’s current network in Europe. Along with the recent announcement that Verizon will be opening its network in 2008, it is an exciting time for the U.S. mobile market.

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