Does The Digital Generation Risk Losing Their Memories?

I received an interesting press release today, I suppose it’s from Network Appliance, though it wasn’t explicitly from them. The gist of it was the results of a study conducted by Network Appliance among 2,035 online adults, who were asked questions relating to the types of digital data that they have, as well as their experiences saving (or losing) said data.

It’s a very interesting concept, specifically with mobile phones being such a large player in recording our digital memories. I, for one, use my N95 to take pictures and videos costantly, as well as using it to store all of my contacts and calendar information. Lucky for me, I’m used to synchronizing with my PC. I have Bluetooth setup so that when I walk into my apartment, my phone automatically hooks up with my computer, copying all my pictures/videos/contacts/calendar/etc over to my PC for safekeeping.

The sad reality, though, is that I’m a minority. How many people do you know that keep a backup copy (or 2) of their digital memories? How many friends do you have that have lost their phones, along with their entire contact list? According to NetApp, 40% of Britons admit to not backing up photos, while a shocking 58% store up to 500 photos on their portable devices. Only 6% of those surveyed are even concerned about losing these memories.

How do you backup your digital memories?

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