Flixwagon Another Mobile Video Streaming Challenger

Another entrant in the mobile-video-to-internet phenomenon is Flixwagon. While similar to Qik (which I told you about the other day), Flixwagon’s edge seems to be much higher quality and the ability to upload to a blog.

There’s not much on Flixwagon just yet other than a signup form if you want to be an Alpha tester and their blog. However, the Flixwagon blog gives some good insight into what they’ll be bringing, including this sample video taken by one of the employees as well as one taken by a bunch of boy scouts.

Flixwagon apparently will have a Java version, in addition to the Symbian client, and hopes to also support phone-to-phone video sharing. Personally, THAT will be cool to me. It’s sad that I have an HSDPA capable device here on AT&T, but because it doesn’t have their junky firmware on it, I can’t use Video-sharing.

I’ve already signed up to be an Alpha tester for Flixwagon, and will certainly report back when it’s ready to rock.

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