Get a high-res 4D baby scan on your mobile

The Evening Standard ran a piece of news today about The Portland Hospital in London. The Portland is a private hospital favoured by the likes of Victoria Beckham. They’re offering 40-minute £120 scan that produces high-res pictures of their baby. And every well-to-do expectant career woman in London has a decent handset ready to receive and transmit said pictures. Excellent!

Women can visit the clinic in their lunch hour, have a 40-minute scan and then download the high-definition images to their MP3 player or mobile phone via a secure internet site.

Scanning is vital for doctors to help track the normal development of unborn babies. It is also used to detect potential defects, such as heart problems, which can be corrected in the womb.

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This is nothing new. The London Ultrasound Centre offer a far more sophisticated service via their Cocoon4D scans and have been for 6 months before this was published.
The difference is the video from Cocoon4D has been cropped, scaled an edited to fit the format, whilst all others are simply a small video sample taken from the ultrasound machine.
The Cocoon4D one has music and the sound of the baby’s heartbeat too.
These video files are too large to send by MMS.
Check out Cocoon4D for more details.

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