Jangl’s “JanglMe” is one of Bebo’s first applications

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Bebo, the hugely popular 40 million strong social networking site, is going application crazy. One of their first application launches is with Jangl. Jangl has connected mobile phones and online profiles for several leading social networks and social media networks.

Jangl, Inc., the company connecting millions of online profiles and mobile phones, safely and privately, today announced yet another significant social network integration, this time enabling Bebo’s 40 million customers to send and receive SMS messages through mobile handsets and personal computers – the latter for free.

The service for Bebo is called JanglMeâ„¢ for Bebo and finishes off a busy year of deployments with other popular social networks, such as Phonebook for Facebook, Janglâ„¢ for Friendster, CallAnyone for Tagged and Jangl CallMe for Fubar. Excellent stuff.
And how exactly does JanglMe work?

The new JanglMe application gives 40 million Bebo users the ability to start text message conversations with other Bebo users, right from a Bebo profile, and then continue the conversation on their mobile devices, with their “real” phone numbers protected.

• Bebo users who install the JanglMe app simply register their mobile phone number with Jangl, specifying the number at which they’d like to send and receive all subsequent SMS messages;

• The profiles of Bebo’s JanglMe users will display a text message window — visible to all Bebo profiles – that will let any Bebo user easily send an SMS message to the profile’s owner;

• Messages typed into the JanglMe text message window are sent directly to the profile owner’s specified mobile number. Subsequent messages are exchanged between each persons’ mobile device, with both parties’ numbers kept totally private.

As always, the Jangl phone numbers used to text with others on Bebo are:

• Private, with your personal information never revealed;

• Capable of being saved to a address book like any other number;

• Local to each party, whenever possible, in order to minimize charges.

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But they say texting is free too, how does that work? “In order to minimize charges” So it DOES cost? They are lying?

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