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Man trapped in lavatory for FOUR days

This is one for the should-have-had-your-mobile-with-you folder, I think.

man trapped in lavatory for four days

The 55-year-old bachelor was trapped in the freezing cold “gents” at his bowling club with nothing but tap water to survive on after a door jammed behind him.

He spent most of the time in the dark, managed no more than three hours’ sleep a night, and was so cold that he had to put his feet in a hand basin of hot water in an attempt to stay warm.

I bet he spent many-an-hour thinking ‘why didn’t I just put my mobile in my pocket?’

I regularly think about when I might need my mobile with me. For example, if I’m putting stuff up in the loft, I’ll take my mobile with me. Just in case the ladder falls down, or something… and I need to call someone. OR if I’m going to let my parent’s dog out or something… just in case the door shuts or whatever, it’s always nice to have your mobile with you — in situations where you wouldn’t often take it (i.e. when you’re “at home”).

So. Let this chap’s experience be a lesson to us. Always take your mobile to the lavatory. Especially if you’re a member of a bowling club in Northern Scotland that doesn’t get much lavatory traffic.

Via the The Telegraph.


  1. Not always the case…

    I’m reminded of a lunch in Fulham where one of the girls from Marketing got stuck in the bathroom. Alas, no signal downstairs… However, working with Mobile Geeks – some of our experience had rubbed off on us…

    She tried to reach us over Bluetooth.

    A message? Over Bluetooth? Impossible.
    All the phone knowledge in the world and little could she do without a signal.

    But she tried.

  2. It’s happened to me!

    Working really late in the serviced office building we used to be in, I headed for the exit only to find that the security guards had already locked the front door.

    Turning back I found that the card swipes don’t work after 11pm. So I’m stuck in the lobby, can’t go forward, can’t go back. Being thoughtful folks, the management had put up a sign with an emergency contact number but no actual phone !

    Luckily I had my mobile with me or I’d have been stuck overnight.

    Since then I make sure I carry my mobile with me everywhere !


  3. Poor marketing girl should have tried harder… being a girl she was, no doubt, in possession of her emergency makeup and could have scribbled a message on the wall (extra points for using the mirror) and sent you a photo over bluetooth!.

    I had no idea getting stuck in a toilet was such a widespread thing? remember kids… if in doubt, use the disabled toilets as they always have an emergency help cord you can pull if you come a cropper in the crapper!

    Speaking of toilets in pubs, isn’t it annoying when a venue has cheaped out and got a time sensor on the lights so they turn off while you’re half-way through your business… yet another toilet scenario where your mobile saves you, this time by acting as a torch.

  4. But where would you shine it!?


    Reading these comments – I am reminded of a time when I once became trapped in a water closet on South West Trains. I won’t expand upon it however as the only real ‘mobile’ angle is the fact that I was late for my own birthday party and all my mates took it in turns to call and laugh at me down the phone.


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