MAXroam sign deal with CelTek toward tel & data roaming

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SMS Text News sponsor, MAXroam has signed a strategic alliance deal with Global Romaing Inc. ( The deal combines the marketing reach and technical know-how of both companies into a single partnership.

It’ll enable both companies to offer offer extended geographic coverage and data roaming on their existing products. This is a substantial step forward for both companies in their goal to provide a single global communication platform that brings an end to the monopolistic behavior of the large cellular operators. Bring it on — particularly the data roaming part. That’ll be brilliant.

Pat Phelan, top chap at MAXroam commented on the deal: “I am delighted that Global Roaming has decided to partner with Cubic [MAXroam] and I look forward to a world where anyone can call anyone at anytime without worrying about the cost.”

Me too. It’s more or less there with MAXroam. Speaking of which, I shall be announcing my SMS Text News local US number soon!

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