MAXroam, the world’s first borderless SIM launches

MAXroam (SMS Text News sponsor) has hit the marketplace in the United Kingdom. You can (shortly) go into any Maplin shop (electronic goods retailer) and pick up your MAXroam SIM!

I really, really love the concept of a borderless SIM. If you travel often and you don’t want the hassle of arsing around with local sim cards in multiple countries or paying stupid amounts of money for your calls, you should get MAXroam.

Link: webitpr | World’s First Borderless SIM Launches to Eliminate Extortionate Roaming Charges

Cubic Telecom today announced the launch of MAXroam, a new mobile roaming product that allows anyone to reduce their mobile phone bill by as much as 80 per cent while traveling abroad. MAXroam is the world’s first universal SIM and is being launched to consumers in the UK and Ireland through Maplin’s network of high street stores, as well as via the Maplin product directory and online at

MAXroam was launched to offer consumers the best country-to-country phone rates anywhere. The service dramatically reduces costs for both the callers and the recipients of roaming phone calls, by using local, in-country numbers, effectively making all global calls local calls.

The MAXroam SIM can be used in any standard GSM mobile phone, and there is nothing to download and no applications to install. Customers are given a local number in their home country and another local number in the country they are traveling to. You can either forward your calls or leave a message telling your callers you are traveling, informing them of your new number. MAXroam can currently be used in over 160 countries around the world.

The deal with Maplin will make the MAXroam SIM available on the high street and means that anyone who regularly travels abroad – for business or pleasure – can now purchase the money-saving SIM.

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