Nokia firmware updates, a challenging experience

Three people — including Barry, John and Steve G, sent me this link from The Register, each pointing out that Nokia really has to raise it’s game with the introduction of the iPhone.  The Register piece is relating to the ‘tortuous’ firmware upgrade for the N95.  Bill, the author, is less than impressed that one of the mapping features was removed after install…

Link:  N95 struggles to find itself | The Register

Upgrading firmware on a Nokia is always a tortuous process. Installing version 2 on our N95 here in the office resulted in a third of the installed applications disappearing, another third remaining but unable to run, and only the remaining third unaffected. Still, this is a distinct improvement on last time, when several applications required new activation keys.

I did the same.  I installed version 2 in an apparent seamless upgrade and found half my applications had disappeared, despite following copious backup and restore tutorials.  The experience is what I define as a CLASS-A arse.  Like buying Wing Commander 2, back in the day, and finding it comes with TWENTY 3.5″ disks that needed to be loaded in AND that it needs most of your 640kb memory. (I did enjoy Wing Commander and I do still enjoy my N95).

I’m hopeful though.  Perhaps I’m sounding like a broken record now, but I am hopeful that Nokia’s seen the light.  That the next generation of handsets will be ‘shite’ free and that I can continue to obsess with unrestrained delight at their ingenuity.

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This is one of the areas that really miffed me when I reviewed the N95 earlier this year. For a device that is touted in being a “multimedia computer” the process of updating the firmware by needing a Windows-based PC was mindnumbing. Besides an OTA option, what ever happened to a “send SMS to registered users when a new update is availalbe” option?

I do understand that those that build these devices (not just Nokia, but all manufacturers) don’t understand that you need to hold people’s hands for things like this. But a bit of handholding does go a long way towards making your devices more wanted than just gawked at.

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