Nokia Ngage Gets Creepy With Creebies

Via press release today, Nokia announced another game for their upcoming Ngage platform, called Creebies. First, do we all remember Tomagotchi’s? The little electronic keychains that housed, well, Tomagotchi’s, which required lots of attention such as feeding them, playing with them, and generally caring for them as you would a baby or small animal. Right, so then you also remember at least one friend who got one simply to let it die?

Nokia’s bringing that sensation back, only this time it will live on your mobile handset. Available in early 2008, Creebies are small ‘things’ that will live in your Ngage-compatible handset. Creebies come with a trailer and some cash, so you can feed them, care for them, and buy them accessories (is anyone still not seeing the potential cash cow on this one?). Creebies can even breed with others via bluetooth. Somewhat creepy for a first date, if you ask me, but oh well.

Count me creeped out if this is the sort of thing that we can expect from the new Ngage.

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