ROK’s heading to Africa

I got this whilst I was flying. Unfortunately I wasn’t flying Lufthansa Business Class. If I was, I’d have had internet access at 30,000 ft and been able to blog this news from ROK. Their ROK Africa subsidiary is going ballistic across the African continent now. Have a read:

ROK Entertainment Group (OTC BB: CYFD), the UK-based mobile technologies, applications and entertainment company today announced that it’s subsidiary, ROK Africa, has signed an agreement with FoneWorx, a telecommunications service provider to distribute mobile technologies and services to mobile operators across Africa.

Over the next six months, FoneWorx will roll out ROK mobile technologies and services to thirty mobile operators across Africa.

The process will begin with the distribution in East Africa of ROK TV – a mobile streaming service where the consumer can watch a range of live or on-demand content streamed to their mobile handset. This will be followed by the addition of Fonepark – a dynamic Internet and WAP site generator that allow a user to create their own mobile content selling site – in thirteen other countries including Nigeria, Angola, Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique, where there are around 70 million mobile-users. The service will also be made available to public broadcasters.

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