Syphone – very useful for iPhone users

Link: Micromat – Syphone

Syphone is a freeware Macintosh utility for use with Apple’s iPhone. The program installs on your Macintosh and does not alter the iPhone in any way. This application lets you view, save, and back up your SMS messages.
With Syphone you can now archive and view SMS conversations, including those that have been deleted from the iPhone.

I came across Syphone yesterday — it’s an application by software developer Micromat that will be immediately of interest to anyone who’s been giving their iPhone a good amount of use recently. Text messaging on the iPhone is either a wonderful or shocking experience (depending on your viewpoint). If you’d like to archive your messages after you reach the iPhone’s preset limit for conversation lengths, then Syphone is for you. I’m going to download a copy later on this weekend and give it a go.

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Is there a program like this that would allow me to download and save my SMS text conversations on a Windows computer?

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