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I’ve been using Press Display to keep up to date with what’s going on around the world for quite a while. The service let’s you actually look at your newspaper and click about it easily. It’s rather addictive. I used to like checking out the frontpage images of the UK newspapers each morning via the likes of Sky News or BBC. But now, Press Display is the way ahead!

I only just realised that they’ve got an iPhone version of their service which looks just brilliant. I haven’t managed to try it as I’ve been having connectivity issues but I’m about to do so.

Link: PressDisplay meets iPhone – News junkies rejoice! « The PressDisplay Blog

Great news for iPhone owners who like to keep up with the news while on the move. (the largest online newspaper kiosk in the world) now runs on iPhone, which means you can now view all your fave newspapers right in the palm of your hand. Even newspapers from other countries.

Here’s a Youtube of it in action:

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This is a new and functional iPhone application not only for iPhone owners but also for publishers who can now deeply simplify their backoffice: it will be more easy and fast for them not only to distribute newspapers but also to directly control and study their readers geographic distributions as well as the most interesting stories, the advertisement performance or the usage hours. Now all that becomes possible thanks to the new Pagestreamer technology and 8080, if you want to get more info you can visit the following website:

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