ZED Launches XmasMaker, Send Christmas MMS

Zed Group has created a special app for the holidays, dubbed ‘XmasMaker’. It’s simple, really. Instead of writing a “Merry Christmas” SMS and then sending it to everyone in your phonebook, the Zed XmasMaker allows you to send an MMS. Not just any ordinary MMS, mind you, but a photo – taken with your phone – and then customised with Christmas-y graphics.

Cool, right? I thought so, too, except for that you need to be a Zed premium member, for 3 GBP/week. If you’re game, sign up here. If not, send an MMS anyways. SMS aren’t greeting cards!

One reply on “ZED Launches XmasMaker, Send Christmas MMS”

coooool idea! We’ve had a load of clients this week sending lovely Christmassy MMS messages to their entire customer lists. MMS is sooooo the new Christmas Card.

“Put paper back on the trees and get MMS’ing today” 😉

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