ChaCha Offers On-The-Go Q&As

Ask and you shall receive, eh? Yesterday I posted about’s new mobile directions service, and reader Amit (who apparently works at Dial Directions) left a comment informing me of more features and details. I also recently found news of another similar service by ChaCha that allows me to text a question – any question – to 242242 (ChaCha on a numeric keypad) and I’d get a text response to the question.

The cool thing about ChaCha’s service is that they claim it’s manned by real live human beings. This should reduce any errors and provide with sensible responses, though I wonder how it affects the speed of response? ChaCha’s service is currently free, though a subscription model is being planned.

Give the ChaCha one a go while it’s free, I’m interested to know two things: 1. CAN you stump them, and 2. If you do, what’s the response?

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