Flixwagon Launches Alpha, Hooks Up With MTV For Super Tuesday

We let you know about Flixwagon a while back, and the service has now entered Alpha mode, allowing anyone to sign up and give it a spin. To celebrate the launch, Flixwagon is also announcing a partnership with and to bring reports from the ‘Street Team ’08’, along with Nokia Nseries.

MTV’s got a crew of citizen journalists outfitted with Nokia Nseries devices and Flixwagon ready to get out and cover the youth voting scene. February 5th, ‘Super Tuesday’, the teams will be out at polling stations, candidate rallies, and anywhere else related to voting, to catch things in action. The reports will be streamed in live from mobile to web at and, offering the citizen journalists the ability to reach nearly 100 million people.

Nokia Nseries has provided N95s for the occasion, seeing the VGA-quality video recording capabilities as a huge plus. Flixwagon has also loaded the handsets up with their new application to allow the videos to be streamed directly online. The MTV Street Team ’08 is made up of 51 members, and there will be a cool map to show which members are live at the moment.

What a great innovative way to encourage youth to participate in the voting in this country.

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