Mobile Photo Uploads Getting Easier

Photobucket has finally launched its own mobile site, and Whatley will be pleased that you can access it at The mobile site offers access to your own photos, as well as the public pool. Currently, however, Photobucket only offers an email address that you can send an MMS to, with the picture attached. Flickr at least has a mobile-optimized web form for you to upload your pics with, but it’s still a pain in the backside to use either method.

Personally, I opt for ShoZu. ShoZu is compatible with hundreds of phones, and allows for dead-simple uploading. Smartphones such as Symbian S60v3 and Windows Mobile can even automatically upload your photos in the background, or ask every time you take a picture if you want it to be uploaded.

With camera phones quickly taking over the casual photo market, we’re sure to see more and more m.websites such as Photobucket’s and mobile applications such as ShoZu to help us get those photos online easily. How do you upload your pictures from your cameraphone, or do you?

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