New Digg For Cell Phone News Launched

cellphonenews2 (and, unfortunately, has officially launched as a digg-style source of mobile-phone related news topics. Users can create a free account and digg up or bury news stories, thereby affecting what shows up on the main page.

It’s a rather neat idea, and easy enough to submit an article. There isn’t any commenting built-in, as there is on Digg, which personally I think adds a bit of value to those submitting articles. Rather than carry on conversation on a 3rd party site, readers can converse on the actual story.

The mobile site is quite neat, as well, though I’m not sure why they chose .mobi rather than easily (and for free) setting up an Perhaps in the near future the could forward to the .mobi and we’d all be happy?

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Thanks for the feedback. There is actually a commenting system built in – just underneath the descriptions. Perhaps I need to make it a little clearer.

I have implemented the suggestion too – it now forwards to the .mobi version.

Hopefully users won’t need to submit many stories; the site automatically picks up and tags news items from over 60 sites (now including this one).

[…] Cell Phone News 2.0 ( Is a Digg style site specializing in mobile related stories. Just like Digg, users can submit items and Digg, Bury and comment on stories. What surprises me about this site is how relevant articles seem to be. The secret seems to be that most items aren’t actually user submitted, Cell Phone News 2.0 pulls in items from the RSS feeds of 60 well known mobile blogs and news sites. From SMS Text News. […]

That’s right. Nearly all of the articles are autoposted and then checked by hand. This ensures that the quality is kept high, unlike many other Digg style sites that are just spam infested.

There are actually now 180+ cell phone and mobile blogs included, which means that there are several hundred postings per day, so the voting is important to keep the best news items in the ‘Popular’ section.

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