O2 increases bundled call and text allowances for UK iPhones

O2 iphoneLink: O2 iPhone Tariffs for Existing Customers via TUAW

O2 have announced that they’re changing iPhone tariffs, bringing them in line with their recently-revised standard offerings (making them a bit more competitive):

  • £35 per month customers now get 600 anytime minutes (up from 200) and 500 anytime texts a month (up from 200).
  • £45 per month customers now get 1,200 anytime minutes (up from 600) and 500 anytime texts a month (unchanged).
  • £55 per month customers are switched by default to the new £45 tariff which now gives higher allowances than the £55 tariff did previously, but you can request bigger bundles.

The changes will happen between February and March for existing customers and will be available from the 1st Feb for new customers.

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

6 replies on “O2 increases bundled call and text allowances for UK iPhones”

hmm not sure, personally I think the tariffs were harsh and it served people right. However now I am of the opinion it is better to have better tariffs.

… I would say should Iphone customers suffer because they opted for the iphone no… however my personal opinion is that o2 should have offered its existing tariff with a few pounds extra with free unlimited data, rather the specific iphone tariffs.

Alot of commentators seem to be taking a certain amount of schadenfreude from each successive announcement that iphone sales are short of expectations – but Apple are taking ownership of the premium end of the market (in a world that’s fast talking itself into recession).

I’d have previously included myself in the doomsayer category but it strikes me that they’re in this for the long-run (this could be considered a dry-run – how scary is that for everyone else). All they’re doing now is flexing their price to keep sales on track.

I also wonder whether as credit becomes increasingly hard to find, this is also a way to make sure that more people pass the credit score for the contract.

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