SMS Text News Annual 2007 – available to buy now!


The first delivery of 30 of the finest SMS Text News Annuals are due to arrive shortly.

The Annual is a review of selected posts, comments and pictures from across last year’s archive and is compiled in date order. You can flick through rantings, pictures, opinion and news features month by month. It’s rather strange seeing everything laid out like that because the market changes so quickly. For example, we’ve included a ‘this will change the industry’ style post that I made on the day of the Apple iPhone announcement. I’ve had a good lot of fun following the coverage across the year in this way. Quite refreshing.

When we started work on the Annual back in October, I reckoned we’d do 30 odd pages. But no. 166 pages later and we’re done!

I’ve published it because I wanted to have something physical to read through rather than switching on a web browser and dipping into the site’s virtual archive, it’s not quite the same has having something sat on the coffee table, is it?

I received quite a few email enquiries from readers interested in a copy — so in order to avoid inbox confusion, I’ve setup a simple Yahoo shop — you can easily pay by card or via PayPal. If you’d like a copy, the cost is US $50 each (plus shipping – the 5-7 day delivery option is the cheapest). You can order from

If you’d like me to add a conspiratorial hand written message inside (as one reader suggested), just reply to the order confirmation email with your request. And I’ll include a free business card!

Here are a few pages: –




By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

13 replies on “SMS Text News Annual 2007 – available to buy now!”

Ahh ok I know you put a lot of time and money into this site! One suggestion maybe a PDF format for less fee! I know this would be harsh on people who have bough one, but maybe next time if you do another?

You really don’t get the full glory from a PDF, Ricky — you can actually get all the content here on SMS Text News, electronically, anyway — the joy is being able to flick through it. I’ll check opinions and see if we can publish a PDF.

Well in that case Ricky, I’d be delighted to sell you a gold-plated platinum edition of the annual for $50,000… 😉

Given the price of precious metals, I might take you up on that. 160 pages, A4 size…paper thickness…hmmm…where’s my calculator…

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